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Bulletin Board Web Site Design PHPbb

Bulletin Board Web Site Design

Bulletin Board Web Site Design: PHPbb


A phpBB pre design is actually a design layout for the popular open source bulletin system, php bulletin board. This Bulletin system and be used as a forum and uses software based on PHP.

PhpBB pre design presented here were created specifically for those who plan to start an online forum or improve an already existing one. All of them are of high quality, functionality and usability. No matter whether you are skilled at programming or not, our phpBB pre design are easy to deal with. We can be fast and easily customized and installed. Don't make the whole world wait till you have enough time and money to create a custom-designed forum - do it right now with the help of our PhpBB pre design!


Design Features:

  • Free Web Hosting for One Year AWB3 Package
  • Free International Domain Name
  • Unlimited Email Address
  • Unlimited Members
  • Design by Professional Templates
  • Standard PHP Bulletin Board Features
  • Standard or Full Administrator Access


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