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SWiSHzone.com Pty Ltd (developer of  SWISH Max) released a new product (SWiSH Max2) on September, 25 2007. Lots of bugs and discrepancies were fixed in the new build.

Main features of the new product:



1) New Interface
It is now more comfortable for users than in earlier versions. And the most important thing is that a brand new design of the interface was implemented. The smart new interface makes managing and navigating your SWiSH Max2 work space simple. Now the interface is much like in Flash.. It is a very crucial improvement because lots of people did not feel comfortable working with Swish because its interface was not user friendly and unlike the Flash one.

2) Hottkeys feature added

3) Script Debug
An amazing new function for script checking and debugging simplifies the entire process.

4) Library
A new feature allowing you to save objects not only in a scene but also in the library. Now a Flash-like library is available. It allows you to load parts of your content directly in your library.

5) Sharing resources between your Flash movies is a breeze with SWiSH Max2 library and assets.

6) Text Editing
This updated function allows you to change any letter in a word or any paragraph.

7) Components Library
Enables you to use presets for frequently used objects

8) Video Import
Importing  .flv, .mpg and .avi videos formats is added.

9) Effects Menu
This menu now has a brand new interface which allows you to quickly find and edit any of the 230 (!) multieffects.

10) Object Transform
The new “Reshape” tab which unlike “Transform” enables you to edit an object without changing the “Rotate” and “Scale” coordinates

11) Masks
When layering one object to another there is now the  possibility to see the contour of the one beneath which simplifies the work on projects with numerous masks.

Starting from Template #17238, we develop swish templates only with SWISH Max2. The templates are not compatible with SWISH Max of earlier versions and you can not use them for editing.


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